Friday, September 14, 2007

Where've I Been???

Haven't seen me since Tuesday around these parts. Well, I've been here scurrying like mad to get myself ready to leave next Tuesday for the ACFW conference. Being on the ACFW board I have to go down there early for meetings on Wednesday.

The other day I felt like a kid heading off to buy school supplies. I went to Office Max with a list for the Early Bird class I'm taking on Thursday: colored highlighters, red pens, a case to hold them all, a new three-ring portfolio thingy. As I dropped each item in my cart excitement rumbled in my chest, not unlike what I felt as a kid shopping for my new pencil box LOL.

I've been to a fair many writers conferences and I must say that ACFW just about tops them all. Now maybe the Colorado conference has us beat for setting. Who can top the Rockies? But for everything else as far as a fiction writer is concerned ACFW is the best, and it officially begins this coming Thursday!
As for now I'd better get back to the cleaning detail

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