Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Newly Traveled Road Between Contract and Book Launch

I've often heard that once a book is contracted is when the real work begins, but until I started living it, I couldn't fully fathom the meaning.

I wrote here a few weeks ago about how I suddenly found myself sitting at my desk in front of the computer from early morning until supper time most days. I hadn't done that much intense work in a 7-8 hour stretch since I left my "day job" back in '05. Oh, I've spent many a day writing for long stretches, but even then there wasn't any pressure--no deadlines to meet, no window of time in which to get everything done before the book releases.

If I felt like reading a book instead of writing that day ... or maybe

.....taking a nap ...

... I felt like I could. But, now things are different. I've moved into my new home office now, lock, stock and barrel. Or should I say computer, desk and file cabinet. And this is my new normal!

In two weeks and two days, Thyme for Love releases, and three weeks from today I will host my book launch party! My books are ordered for the celebration, as are refreshments, but there is still much more to do before then.

I never knew this could be so much fun!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Hands Make Happy Hands

Did someone tell me that I would be busier after signing a book contract than before? I think they did, but somehow it didn't sink in.

As the release date for Thyme for Love comes closer (November 14th!), I'm racing to get my blog tour set up, write up interview questions and answers for those who want them, answer interview questions bloggers have sent me, design an invitation for my book launch celebration, develop an email list to send said invitation to, and so forth.

But despite the to-do list longer than my arm, I can say one thing.

I'm loving every moment!

If you're a regular visitor to this site you've  noticed that I've  changed the name of the blog from A Writer's Journey to my author name of Pamela S. Meyers, and added a new background and header, as I morph this site into a full website. My addy for this site will change to, but don't worry if you forget to change your bookmark, because the old addies for both my website and blog will forward to the new address.

In between all this, I'm editing Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin which needs to be turned into the editor by mid-November. 

Then I start plotting my next story and writing it! 

The busier I become, the more I love what I'm doing, and I realize this is what God has called me to do during this season of my life. He is blessing my socks off and in turn, I want to do what gives him pleasure. 

Kind of reminds me of that line from the movie Chariots of Fire, when the lead said that he felt God's pleasure when he ran. I thought to myself at the time how cool it would be to feel that way about something you are doing. 

Now I know what he meant!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Debut Novel Thyme for Love Coming Soon!!!

My life as a writer is reaching a new normal for me. Published author!

I am excited to finally have a release date for my debut Novel Thyme for Love.


Over the past several days, I've been pouring over the proofs (galleys) and noting tweaks for the editors. The other day when the PDF file arrived and I saw it in the format of an actual book, beginning with the title page, right on through to the author bio at the end, I totally lost it. 

Seeing those opening words on the first page of Chapter 1, words that I first wrote a number of years ago, now actually in book format ... well, I can't begin to describe all the emotions I felt. Most of all thankfulness for God's blessings on me along with joy.

Things are moving rapidly. I'll  get another set of proofs later this week with the tweaked changes to review for one final time. Then after I send those back, it will be off to the printer.

I'll soon be putting out the call for influencers and reviewers. As soon as I have a picture of my cover I'll post that. In the meantime here's a blurb to whet your appetites!

April Love applies for the job of her dreams as in-house chef in an old lake shore mansion. But when she discovers Marc Thorne, her ex-fiance, working for the same organization, and her new boss is found dead before he tastes her cooking, she questions if she misread God's intent for her life.
It doesn't take long for April and Marc to realize the love they held for each other is stronger than ever, but before they can begin a life together they must close the doors on the past. When the only man she ever loved is falsely accused of murder, she has no choice but to turn sleuth to expose the truth.
Tainted capsules, a collection of lovable and not-so-lovable staff members, a retired show parrot named Pedro, and a seventy-year-old aunt who has more energy than a room full of preschoolers makes this a fast-paced romance with a twist of mystery to keep the pages turning.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Janice Thompson's Hello Hollywood -- A Fun Read

The back cover of Janice Thompson's latest fun read, Hello Hollywood says:

When it comes to love, one thing's for sure--it doesn't follow a script!
Athena Pappas is the head writer on Stars Collide, one of the most popular sitcoms in television history. But when Vegas comedian Stephen Cosse is brought in to beef up the show's suddenly sagging ratings, she starts to worry about her job. Sparks fly as the competition--and attraction--between the two writers heats up. Athena has never had a problem writing the romances of her characters. So why is her own love life so hard to script?

With humor and a Hollywood-insider viewpoint, Hello, Hollywood! delivers lots of laughs as Athena and Stephen discover that not being in control of the plot of their lives might just be the best thing that ever happened to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book which is a fun way to get a peek at how a group of writers for a television show work together. In some ways, much the same way as we authors of fiction write, except they are constantly brainstorming and deadlines come up weekly.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Athena belongs to a My Big Fat Greek Wedding kind of family, and she often spends time at the family deli where a delightful cast of characters and dogs entertain and delight the reader.

For those that remember the old Dick Van Dyke Show from back when sitcoms were in black and white (you can catch reruns of the show even now) you will enjoy how the writing team our heroine belongs to uses that show, about a similar comedy writing team, as role models. It made me want to flip on the television and find some of those reruns.

If you are looking for a fun romantic comedy written by one of the masters of the genre, look no further than Hello Hollywood. For more information about Janice Thompson, check out her website!

Note: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book for purposes of review. All opinions expressed are my own.