Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Conference Pictures!

More conference pictures from the huge multi-author book signing event and the award banquet.

Here is Maureen Lang who has been featured here a couple times in book reviews and giveaways.

Here I am with a new friend, Marian McNair. Marion lives in Los Angeles and we had a good time during lunch one day chatting about Southern California. I lived out there for about seven years and back in the day.

The Awards Banquet saw many come in beautiful dresses and pressed suits, but none looked better than "Mama Ruth," Brandilyn Collins's mother in an authentic Indian sari. Mama Ruth and her husband were missionaries in India. The dapper gentleman in his Scottish kilt is agent Chip MacGreagor. Yes. The kilt is cut from his clan's actual plaid.

And last, but not least, is a shot taken of me by Jodie Westfall who took the
other shots of me, I have yet to reveal, for my website.
I'll post more pictures, so check back soon!

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