Monday, September 17, 2007

And I'm Off . . .

As you can see by the counter on the right, the ACFW conference kick-off moment is almost here. Tomorrow I head for the airport and board a jet for Dallas. Tomorrow night my friend Ane and I will bum at the Galleria and probably connect with a few others who are already in town. Then Wednesday it's all work. The ACFW Board will be meeting for most of the day, and then we connect up with the Advisory Board for a joint meeting, followed by dinner.

Everything officially starts Thursday and doesn't stop until Sunday noon. Whew.
I made a determination today when a friend sent me an email this morning to wish me a good trip. He said to remember that the conference and what happens there isn't about me but about God. Wow. He is so right. Scripture tells us to not only look out for our own interests, but also the interests of others. I am going into this week seeking ways to bless others and not get all hung up on how my appointments go or don't go, who I talk to about my story, and if I will come home with invites to submit. I am going to go, completely in God's hand and be available to Him.
I'll try to blog from Dallas. I know I said that when I went to Colorado and never did. The key word is "try." LOL

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