Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Pictures -- The Final Wrap Up

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at the ACFW conference doings. More than once I've heard people say how they think this is the best conference ACFW has had. Funny. Same thing was said last year.

I attended a wonderful early bird workshop with Margie Lawson on Deepening Character Emotions and I have been busy applying what I learned to my WIP before moving on to sending out writing samples, synops, and proposals to agents and publishers. I'm excited about how the story has moved up another notch with Margie's teaching. She also teaches on line at very reasonable cost. You can check out her website for more details on her classes and schedule for in-person workshops.

Now on to the pictures. Friday night at the ACFW conference is a night to party! Publishers and agents sometimes use the time to entertain their authors while the rest of the crowd heads out to sample the local fare. I joined the gals from the Central Texas ACFW chapter called CenTex at the Blue Mesa Mexican Restaurant. The food was yummy and the company fun.

Here I am with Sherrie on the left and Julia and Dorothy on the right. Julia is a rodeo barrel racer so we had a good time talking rodeo.

Here's more of the ladies. Sorry I don't remember all of their names, but that's Lin Harris in front and Nancy Jo Jenkins in the middle of the three.

And, here I am with my good friend and conference roomie, Michelle Shocklee.

Sunday morning was the final keynote address from James Scott Bell and worship. I had the honor to doing a sign/mime devotional presentation to the song "Moses" recorded by Ken Medema. One of the men took this picture. It was at the part where Moses is saying, "Lord, don't take this rod away from me. Don't you know it's my only security."

So there you have a small view of a huge conference that has left huge impressions and memories in all of our hearts. Next year we're headed to Minneapolis and I can't wait!

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