Monday, September 24, 2007

And I'm Back from Big D!

Yes, I am back from one of the best conferences ACFW has put on. In fact each year it gets better and better.

My connection to the Internet from my room was not exactly stellar. In fact, it was downright sporadic, bordering on lousy. So I left the blog posting to our wonderful PR officer, Cara Putman, who posted some photos on the official ACFW blog.

More on the conference will be posted here as I get my thoughts collected and pictures downloaded from my camera. I also had some great pictures done by Jodie Westfall who offered her services to attendees. I told her I wanted to take her back to Chicago. She's the first person who seems able to take pictures of me that actually make me look good LOL.

I'm hoping to re-style my website and will be using her photos there and will upload one of the shots to this blog as well.

Check back soon, because I'll be reporting more!

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