Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Little Cowgirl Grows Up

I've been so busy since I got back from Labor Day weekend trying to upgrade the first three chapters of MFB for the proposal and fulfilling other obligations, I didn't blog much about the rodeo weekend. When I started dating a native Texan a couple years ago I was introduced to the world of rodeo and I love it. We've been to quite a few rodeos, which I never realized existed in the Midwest ,and the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) when they came to Chicago last year. That was a blast!

Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by cowboys. Just before the rodeo last week, I came across a snapshot of me when I was about five years old.

Ha! I look more ready for a rodeo back then than I did now. But the years intervened and other than occasionally going horseback riding, my cowboy dreams faded into oblivion. Until now.
The village of Palestine, IL puts on one of the best rodeos in the Midwest. It's been around for over forty years and each year it seems to get better. What makes this rodeo unique is that the townspeople constructed the top class arena themselves and everything there is permanent. The PRCA-sanctioned event draws crowds from all over Illinois and Indiana. A woman from Wyoming won herself a pair of Ariat boots just for leading a cheer. Lucky dog. LOL

It's a family affair including kids in autographed hats

To lil cowpokes ridin' the mechanical bull along with some big guys too.
But not me! I prefer to watch LOL

So how does that little cowgirl look today? There I am on the right. You can't see my boots but they're there. No small thing for a gal who usually wears sandals in 92 degree heat!

The weekend is already a distant memory as I gear up for Dallas when I leave a week from Tuesday! Now I really will be going to cowboy country but with little time to check out the rodeo scene.

We do have free time Friday night. Maybe I can sneak out to Mesquite for a little rodeo action. Yee haw!

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