Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Attack of the Ants

No that's not a new title for my book, but maybe I could write one. I came home from church a while ago and found that my dear, sweet, kitty cat had tossed her cookies on the rug just inside my front door. All much to the delight of at least a bazillion ants who had blazed a trail between the wallboard and the mess .

I am not kidding. They had formed a line and were trailing to and from, each with a full belly and a crumb to stash somewhere within the innards of my condo building. What a pleasant thought. And I'm about to leave for five days with a neighbor doing cat duty for me.

I'll probably come home and find they've carted off her food dish!

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Timothy Fish said...

It always seems like there are plenty of ants at this time of year. It is amazing how quickly they will find even the slightest little crum, so it doesn't surprise me that you would find so many.