Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lunchboxes and Hardboiled Eggs

Yesterday was my Back to the Future day. I drove an hour or so north to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and attended my high school reunion. Some people amazingly hadn't changed too much in spite of many years since I'd last seen them, while others had changed a lot!
Back when my class entered Badger High School as freshman, we entered a brand new high school. The first class to go all four years in the building. But, our reunion wasn't at the school. We met at the Riviera. A pre-WWII art deco-like building that hugs the lakeshore. That's it in the picture, next to the beach. The second floor ballroom where we gathered has seen many big bands in it's heyday.

I set Murder for Breakfast in this area. The town of Canoga Lake is fictional, but is only a few miles from Lake Geneva and I mention many of the landmarks, including the "Riv," in the story. It was great fun to go back.

We laughed at old memories, rejoiced at major accomplishments, and shared what we were up to these days. What really struck me is how each of us seemed to have very clear memories of certain things while others didn't remember the situation or event at all.

I was surprised when two women both said they remembered my special lunch box from when we were in grammar school. They both described it as oval and the top opened out to both sides. You'd think I'd have a clear memory of such a wonderful thing, but I don't! Yet two people remember distinctly that I owned such a treasure. I've searched the Internet, thinking Ebay would surely have such a wonderful thing, but not exactly as they described. Only like the one shown here. At least no top like that. This is the closest that I could find. It's making me crazy that I can't remember it. One woman said she recalled my mom always packed hard boiled eggs in my lunch and she thought that was so cool.

If I'd known she liked them so much I'd have been glad to share. I never did like plain hard boiled eggs.

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