Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blog Tour Day Featuring Author Robin Caroll and Her New Release Bayou Justice

Woo hoo! The morning is more than half gone and we have a blog tour goin' on here.

Today, my good friend, Robin Caroll, is hanging around these parts and was good enough to answer a few questions. Robin's debut novel "Bayou Justice" is receiving rave reviews as well it should. I've been reading it every chance I've had since I got my copy a few days ago. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and I have yet to know who done it! It's not because of Robin's super writing skills, but because of my goofy schedule.

Without further adeu I introduce to you, Robin Caroll.

Robin, I’m about a third of the way through Bayou Justice and I’m loving it. I want to ask you a couple questions on how the story came together and the characters fleshed out.

Thanks, Pam. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. The book--the whole series, actually, has been really fun to write!

I know you are from Louisiana, but what I am curious about is did you actually grow up in the same area that the story is set?

I was actually born and raised in north Louisiana, which isn't cajun country. I do, however, have family that lives in south Louisiana and always have, so we visited quite a bit. After my husband and I married and then had our first daughter, we moved to south Louisiana and lived there for several years. The culture stayed with me, as did all the weight I gained eating the amazing food. Then again, my family's always had awesome cooks! LOL

How did you decided on CoCo’s career? Was this a job you are familiar with having grown up there.

Actually, I had my setting first when writing, because southern is my personal "hook" that sets me apart from so many other wonderful RS writers. So, I was looking for a career for my heroine that she could ONLY have in such a setting. I began calling some folks and doing a bit of research and that one hit me! :D

How much research did you have to do in spite of being familiar with the area?

For the setting, none. I can close my eyes and picture the bayou, along with the feel and smell of the area, with no problem. I did research CoCo's career, as well as talk to several who were "in the know" about voodoo and their beliefs. It was an eye-opener! LOL

You and I have talked a lot about deep POV and I’m digging it as I read, seeing you are a woman who practices what she preaches. As you are writing do you find it easy to deepen POV on the first draft or do you go back later and layer it in? On the second and third read-throughs what do you look for to deepen the POV?

Hmmm...I do mine a little different. I write a chapter as if I'm that character. I started doing this long ago when my mentor called me down on not having tight pov. So before I write a scene, I imagine I AM that character and that's how I write it. I normally don't touch that scene again until I finish the chapter. I do a quick read-through of the chapter before I send it to my cps. Once I get the chapter back from them, I'm usually up by 3 or so chapters, so I read it again, incorporate crits, and I don't read it again until I'm doing a final read-through just to polish.

Along with that question, with so many deadlines facing you in this series, do you still pass your stories through your crit partners? How do you manage all of that and still make deadline?

Yes, I pass everything through my cps. I manage all that because my cps are AMAZING. When I finally get on the roll to write, I normally write really fast. And they're awesome. They know my deadline and work to get my chapters critted before then. I don't think I could turn in anything without their input. They continue to awe me with their insight! :D (Waving to Dineen, Ronie, and Heather) Then, after I get my revision letter and do the rewrites, I send it to others who haven't read the first version for their thoughts. They're awesome because they read the entire thing and give me immediate feedback. (Waving at Camy, Cheryl, and Pammer)

What’s next on your writing horizon once this series is over?

Well, I'm finishing up book 4 and then I'll turn in the proposal for book 5, and final book, in the series to my editor. I have another series I have burning in the back of my mind to get a proposal on it together and to my editor. And my agent is actively shopping my single title at present. It's a fun journey, that's for sure.

Thanks, friend!

Thanks for having me! It's fun! :D

Bayou Justice can be purchased from Amazon or on the eHarliquin website. You can also pick up a copy at your local Wal-Mart if they aren't sold out and in other locations such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.
Get yourself a copy. You won't be disappointed!
You can keep up with Robin at her blog:


Peg Brantley said...

I love your process, Robin. And Pam, great interview.

Wishing you both more success than you can imagine,


Cara Putman said...

This really is a great book. Loved getting into your head, Robin.


Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, Peg. This was a fun interview. Thanks for having me, Pam.

Cara, you think THAT was inside my head? Wait until you read something where I go into the villian's pov. LOL Now THAT's really scary! LOL