Monday, October 08, 2007

Isn't This Supposed to be Autumn?

Let's see. Two days ago was my birthday, October 6th. Check
We had the autumnal equinox a couple weeks ago. Check.
Some leaves on the trees are already changing to orange and gold. Check
I stepped through yellow leaves strewn about the sidewalk on my morning walk. Check.
The sound of leaf blowers has been disturbing my silence for days now. Check.

It must be fall . . . but . . .

For the fourth day in a row Chicago has had temperatures in the upper eighties. My air conditioning has been on day and night. The humidity feels more like Houston in July than Chicago in October. What's wrong with this picture?

Yesterday a man died trying to run the Chicago marathon and the race was curtailed after just over a couple hours. The top winners had already crossed the line, but the water stations were out of water and firemen were hosing down the participants and telling them to walk. Over 300 needed medical attention. Usually the runners are fighting early morning chill, not heat exhaustion.

Give me a chill in the air, a new fall sweater and a cozy fireplace this time of year. You know what they say in Chicago. Don't like the weather. Give it a minute and it will change.
I can't wait :-).

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Winter said...

Tell me about it. I can't remember a birthday to date that was this warm. Good grief, I want my fall chill!