Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Revisions--Will They Ever Go Away?

I've been asked by many people how my paid critique from Donna has gone. The reason I've been so slow in reporting about it has nothing to do with Donna and everything to do with my suddenly busy schedule. I listened to the tapes and made dozens of notes on a copy of the manuscript, but I've had no time to work on it. What can I say about the comments on the tapes? In a word--wonderful!

Today, finally, I was able to sit down and start the revisions. Donna pointed out things I never realized needed fixing and other things I should have caught myself but missed. With her input this manuscript is going to shine when I'm done.

First I have to shore up the plot in several places. Then I need to settle on a setting and not make it a real place like I wanted. Too risky with a police chief and coroner being less than perfect. Next I have to make sure my heroine doesn't sound more like me than her in places. In third person you can sometimes get away with it, but not in first person. Then I have to show my emotions and stop labeling them. Enought to do? There's more, but I won't list them.

I didn't make it out of Chapter One today. At this rate I won't be done until 2008. :-) But there's hope. I have all day tomorrow and most of Friday to do this.

Oh yeah, I think I'm supposed to keep at this writing gig. At least for now :-)

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