Monday, February 12, 2007

Remember to Forget - Deb Raney's New Book is a Winner and You Can Be Too!

I've loved Deb Raney's books ever since I read her Under a Southern Sky. She's one of those authors I buy without knowing anything about the book because she's that good of a writer. This past weekend I read her latest called Remember to Forget.

Calling a book a page-turner has become somewhat of a cliche, but in this case that's exactlyhow to describe this wonderful story. From the first paragraph I was sucked in and hated putting the book down to do other things that demanded my attention.

This novel spoke deep to my emotions of love, trust, and forgiveness as I lived Maggie Anderson's plight with her, starting with getting out of the control of an abusive boyfriend, to when she finds herself in Clayburn, Kanasas. A town so small its population is probably less one New York City block where Maggie lived before fleeing.

You will absolutely fall in love with the residents of Clayburn. The way the people reach out to Maggie so epitomizes the way God reaches out to us. I'm not going to tell you any more about this story because I want you to read the book for yourself.

I'm holding a contest to give away a copy of Remember to Forget! You can enter by leaving me a comment and making the promise to pass the book along to one more person after you've read it.

The contest ends Friday, February 16th at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Saturday the 17th.
I hope lots of you sign up, because this is way too good a story to tuck away on my bookshelf.


Audra said...

The book sounds wonderful. I've actually not read any of her books yet, but I'd like to.
I have two people who would love to read this book after me. :)

Winter said...

LOL! I hope I'm not your only one.

rose mccauley said...

Dear pam, I agree with you about always knowing that Deb's books will be great, so i hope i win. I always pass on my books to several people, so I promise to do that also. thanks, rose

Jess said...

Okay, I promise. I usually pass them to my daughter who is at Seminary in New Orleans, and then she passes them on to her friends.

jude urbanski said...

Pam, I love your web site and blog!! It is so nicely done. I'd like to sign up for Deb's book! It sounds great.


Miralee said...

Absolutely, sign me up!! I'd love to have this book as Deb is an awesome writer. I'll definitely pass it along to others, too. Thanks for doing this, Miralee

Cara Putman said...

This is such a strong book. Sign me up!