Monday, February 05, 2007

Blog Tag--Six Weird Things About Me

My good friend and author, Rachel Hauck, tagged me last night, laying down the challenge to name six weird things about me, and then tag six others. Fun! First time I've ever been blog tagged. What was really funny was I was burning the late night oil reading her book, "Lost in NashVegas," and was about to write her to tell her what a great story it is. Do I hear the theme from Twilight Zone in the background?

It's been cold here in Chicagoland. Way cold. Hugely cold. Too cold. Try waking up to -10 degrees! The question on everyone's mind is will my car start this morning. Especially if you park outside like me. Thankfully, I don't have to be out there in the early morning trying to get it going, but I will venture out soon. I'm dreaming of white beaches and palm trees. Sure way to get through this!

Okay, on to the weird things about me. Weird? Rachel, are you insinuating I'm weird? LOL.

1. I read a book during most of the SuperBowl last night (and I live in Chicagoland don't forget). Yes, it was Rachel's book, and yes, the Bears weren't doing too hot, but still that may seem weird to some people.

2. I'm early-retired and get up before dawn most mornings.

3. I like to watch bull riding. (Not weird to a lot of people. When you date a guy from Texas and he loves rodeo and the PBR and he takes you to your first rodeo and introduces you to the PBR on television, you get hooked. You know I'm hooked when I watch bull riding when he's not with me.)

4. I like to fix popcorn for supper. (When you're single with no kids you can do these weird things LOL)

5. I graduated from college in my late forties. (Better late than never).

6. The first article I ever queried sold. (Actually not a weird thing, but a God thing. He let me know I was to do this writing gig for real, but all the rejections that followed told me I needed to work hard at it and when I do all things happen in His time, not mine.)

Okay. Now I tag six others: You're it, Cara, Mary, Winter, Michelle, Deb, and Donna.


Winter said...

I'll beat you on the temp. We woke up down here to -20. Where I live is like a wind alley. Brrr! I have to agree with my daughter, I'm ready for summer.

Winter said...

BTW, I've posted my six!