Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow, Christmas, Snow, Dashboard Warning Lights, Snow and Dying Remotes

The title describes exactly what my life has been the past several days. The frustrating part is that in that list there isn't one word - writing.

It's been one of those times.

The Chicago area received a bunch of snow last week and then again all day Saturday into Sunday. During that time, I celebrated an early Christmas on Friday with my friend, Ed, because he was leaving town Saturday. That same day, the engine warning light on my dashboard went on and my handbook said "Do not stop. Do not pass "Go." Go directly to (not jail) the dealer." Well, not an exact quote, but you get the idea.

So, Ed left in the snow on Saturday, and being that the day was snowy and my engine warning light glowing, I didn't drive up to Wisconsin to attend the book signing of a fellow ACFW member as I planned. I stayed close to home, but was so exhausted from a late night and early morning wake-up I couldn't put two words together. So I spent the day watching shows I'd recorded on the DVR, including the movie, "The Note," an adaptation of Angie Hunt's book by the same title. It had been so long since I'd read the story I'd forgotten a good bit of the storyline, but much of it came back as I watched the movie. It was a nice, enjoyable movie to watch on a snowy afternoon. Sunday was an easy-going day. Church then just hanging out at home. But Sunday is the Lord's Day and I try not to write on Sundays, so I worked on my Christmas cards. Before the day was over I discovered that the remote control for the TV/DVR cable had died.

Today I was off to the car dealer and had a new charcoal filter thingy changed out on the catalytic converter. Then from there I went to Comcast to exchange my dead remote control for a new one--only to find after returning home that the new one doesn't work either!

Tomorrow I plan to write, write and write again. I have to get this read-through done this week so I can get it sent to the agent. That is if it doesn't snow or something else doesn't break.

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