Friday, December 07, 2007

A Call for a Miracle

Scripture says that two are better than one, and that we are to be persistent in our prayers.

About a month ago fellow ACFW member, Kristy Dykes, was stunned to learn that she had a malignant brain tumor. All she did was go to her regular eye doctor for a routine eye exam. Seeing that she was losing peripheral vision in both eyes the doctor told her she needed an MRI immediately. About a week later she was in surgery to remove the tumor. A very deadly tumor. Doctors have told her that unless the Lord intervenes her chance at living more than a few more months is nil. Yet Kristy is a fighter.

Already God has answered prayer in restoring her capacity to read and write even a little bit. For a couple weeks after the surgery she could do neither. Now she can do some of that.

Her family and friends have all been praying around the clock for her, each taking an assigned time of the day or night, but now we are putting out a plea for a very special prayer to be made on her behalf this coming Monday, December 10th. At 3:30 Eastern time she will have her first radiation treatment. They have asked that everyone pray at that very time for the radiation to wipe every cell of that cancer from her head. That God would do a miraculous healing for Kristy. I have witnessed healings of such nature in the past and God can do this.

You can read more of Kristy and her husband Milton's journey through this trial by going to Kristy's blog. Milton has taken over the daily updates on Kristy since the surgery where he not only keeps us informed of her condition but also shares about their wonderful love for God and for each other.

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Kristy Dykes said...

From Her Husband, Milton

Pam: Thank you for all your encouraging comments on Kristy's site.

I am very impressed with your beautiful site and pray a special blessing for you.

Thanks for including A Miracle on Monday for Kristy. You are so kind.

Milton Dykes