Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yee Haw!!! It's In the Mail!

Yep, I'm giving a big old cowboy holler!! The manuscript is in the mail. Now, the story really and truly is in God's hands. I'm feeling very cowboy these days because my friend Ed and I went rodeoing last Saturday and saw not one, but two, rodeos! It was a blast and a nice break from the manuscript revisions. I'll post pictures as soon as I have a chance to touch them up.

It's a strange feeling after spending days being totally absorbed in the story to be done with it . . . for now. If it's bought, there will be editing to come. If it's not bought, I'll be pitching it elsewhere and likely to publishers who want a larger word count. I've already been thinking about spots in the story which can be expanded, that wouldn't stand out like "filler" but would still be integral to the story and advance the plot. I sure do hope it doesn't come to that, but I have to be prepared.

Today I'm relaxing, but tomorrow I have work to do of a non-writing variety for a change. Bet, I'll be writing in my head though, plotting the next story, The Secret of Lilac Inn.

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Winter said...

Congrats Pam!

I know how it feels. Hoping for the best for you!!

Loeved the pics you sent me! Got my in the mood to write more!