Saturday, August 04, 2007

If I Had a Screwdriver or ....Rewriting Manuscripts is Easier Than This!

Since I sent the manuscript off on Wednesday I've finally returned to the project that has been on hold for two months--redecorating my kitchen. Piece of cake, I thought. The major stuff has already been done: the wallpapering and painting.
The first order of business went great. I found these really cool pictures you rub onto a wall, cabinet, or wherever you want them. They're called stencils, but they're not really that. My cabinets are original to the condo which is at least 40 years old. Probably older. If I had a ton of money I'd rip them out in a New York minute, but until I write the great American novel they stay put. So I have resorted to paint and really neat pictures of espresso drinks like cafe mocha, mocha latte, etc. One picture in the center of each cabinet door and wa la! A new look. Finished that up just fine.

Next up was installing the hardware on the cabinets. I was sailing along until I realized I accidentally bought one of the same design but larger. After a momentary groan I realized the larger one could work well on the pantry door. So I took off the smaller pull and learned very quickly that the supplied screw wasn't long enough since the door is thicker than a kitchen cabinet. It took perseverance, but I finally found a screw in my supply that worked. On to the next project.

Next on my list was installing three small halogen lights under the cabinet that hangs over the counter. I saw this done on Designed to Sell on HGTV and they looked nice and functional. This is where I hit the wall. How on earth does anyone expect someone to install lights with screws that are as skinny as toothpicks with a philips head where the notches for the screwdriver are as minuscule as a pin prick??? We're talking hard wood here folks. I made a hole first with my drill. It's all good. Then I started installing the screw. The thing didn't go in. Why? Because it wasn't turning? Why? Because that pin prick of a notch in the head was mashed flat by my screwdriver. Pulverized.

So for now it's all put away until I can get to Home Depot and find screws that skinny with a larger notch. I'm planning on patching drywall next.

What's the title of my next book? I'm ready to write. It's a whole lot easier than turning a screw.

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