Friday, August 31, 2007

I Won!

Yesterday I had the surprise of my life when a woman from the condo office came to my door and exclaimed, "You Won!!

"Won what?"

"A prize in the contest."

"What contest."

"The best decorated balcony or patio contest. The judges liked your flower display."

I cracked up. "They were only simple petunias."

She handed me the card and inside was a $25 gift card to Home Depot. Can't argue with that. I told her it was a good thing they judged before the big storm last week because after that they looked like they went through a war and half of them never made it back.

They were pretty. Much like the ones in this picture. But, September starts tomorrow and soon after that the fall leaves will color the landscape.

I'm off to a rodeo weekend. Yee Haw!

1 comment:

Sallie said...

They are very pretty Petunias :-)