Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweatin' and Soakin' It In

I went out to walk this morning before eight o'clock and it was already so humid it felt like I was slogging through a soaked sponge. I'm determined to not stop walking, same as I'm determined to not give up on this manuscript getting done before too long.

ICRS (International Christian Retailers Show) is currently going on in Atlanta and a lot of publishers are there, and after that comes more writing conferences a lot of editors will be attending. I want my new and improved manuscript on the editor's desk as soon as she gets back home.

So as I walked, I listened to an audio book, noticing the interesting ways in which the author describes things and wishing I'd not forgotten my notebook. And I dripped...walked...dripped. By the time I got home my clothes were soaked, and I had soaked in more ideas to jazz up my story. I never copy. That's a no-no. I just use the phrases as stepping off points to create my own expressions.

Now I'm ready to sit down and write , letting what I soaked in pour out on the page...or should I say computer screen? Whatever.

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