Saturday, July 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged (or Whining Will Get You Something Sometimes)

Yesterday my friend Crystal (see yesterday's post) and I finished up reading through my manuscript. So, while I was printing out a fast draft of the story on paper for a last purusal I cruised through my friends' blogs. I found out that a new blog tag game had started and they'd all been playing it without me. Was it something I said? I asked, and this morning I woke up to being tagged. So now I have to sit here and answer questions LOL.

Didn't they know I just wanted to be tagged, not have to really answer the questions? So here we go.

1. What's the one book or writing project you haven't yet written but still
hope to?

The book of my heart which has been written at least three or four times so far. Today I have new ideas for the story and really want to write it. It's a women's fiction that is currently titled "Shiloh Legacy." People are intrigued by the plot which is always encouraging. It was the first novel I ever wrote and it's been rejected a lot because it was really my learning novel. I started out not knowing a lot about the nuances of writing a story and each time I've graduated to a new level, I've redone the story. It's due for another go-around.

2. If you had one entire day in which to do nothing but read, what book
would you start with?

It wouldn't be Harry Potter! I've never gotten into those books. My to-be-read pile is sky-high. If I had a book to read over again I might say Gone With the Wind or Eugenia Price's Savannah Series. Funny, I would say those because I'm not usually an historical reader. Wait! Isn't there a question coming up about historicals??? If it were out, I'd probably pick out the next Yada Yada Prayer Group book. Like Harry Potter, this is the last of seven book in a series by Neta Jackson. I adore these books. They're set in the Chicago area which makes it fun for me, but it's more than that. Neta doesn't live far from me and I've thought about finding out where she lives and driving over there and forcing her to write the 8th book. LOL

3. What was your first writing "instrument" (besides pen and paper)?

I'd have to say my brain. I had tons of paper dolls when I was a kid and I would sit for hours making up stories for my dolls. That was my first foray into imagining storylines for my characters. I wonder if that would work today. I could make up paper dolls for my characters and have them act out the scenes.

4. What's your best guess as to how many books you read in a month?

I haven't been getting through as many books as I'd like because I've been on this sorta, kinda deadline to get the manuscript back to the editor. Right now maybe two. Normally maybe four.

5. What's your most favorite writing "machine" you've ever owned?

I'm on my second laptop and I will never have a P/C. I love the independence laptops give me. Last week for a while I was tethered to my cable modem because my wireless broke down. It made me appreciate the freedom of a laptop.

6. Think historical fiction: what's your favorite time period in which to
read? (And if you don't read historical fiction--shame on you.)

I would have to say 1800s and forward. I really enjoyed Maureen Lang's Remember Me which was WWI and I like WWII era stuff too.

7. What's the one book you remember most clearly from your youth (childhood
or teens)?

I devoured Nancy Drew books and later, Trixie Belden. In fact I have copies of some of those books on my shelves. Not the actual ones I read but ones I've picked up on Ebay. Another book I read when I was a teen was Geneva Summer. It was the first romance I ever read and it was set in the Lake Geneva, WI area where I grew up. That book is not available anywhere. I've searched high and low on the Internet and it's all but disappeared. I did stop in the Lake Geneva library a year or so ago and they still have the copy I read at least three or four times. They keep it under lock and key! So I sat there next to the locked case and flipped through the book, reliving the story. Then the librarian locked it up again. I wonder if any of my stories will ever be so honored as to be kept under lock and key.

So there you have it. I've been tagged and now I tag my buds: Winter, Peg, Sally, and Donna.

Have Fun~


Ane Mulligan said...

Loved Trixie Beldon even more than Nancy Drew. Trixie was the age I was when I discovered the books, or maybe a couple years older. She was more identifiable to me. I looked all over my neighborhood for a mystery to solve. Sigh. Never found one.

Pam Meyers said...

Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery! That's the one I have. Maybe I should have said that's the one I'd read if I had the day to read LOL.

Robin Caroll said...

Okay, I have the entire set. Yes, the COMPLETE set of Trixie Beldon books. Yes, the ones I actually read. I can't wait til my middle child is old enough to read them. My oldest didn't love them as much....GASP, she's not a big mystery fan. Where did I go wrong?! LOL I have hopes for my middle and youngest daughters, though. Not much longer to wait, middle child is going on 8!

Pam Meyers said...

The complete set of Trixie??? Wow. I just love going back and reading the books I remember reading when I was a kid. I had piles of comic books until my mom said enough! and made me give them away. Today they'd be worth a ton of money I bet. If mother only knew.

Peg Phifer said...

Thought I'd jump in here to let you know, Pam, that I've played the tag game :) and will be sending the email tagging my three victims--er, players. LOL

You can read my post at:

It was fun!

Winter said...

Hey Pam! Long time, no talkie! LOL!

I got my tag done, so if you're interested.