Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rocky Mountain High Colorado...Here I Come!!

This time last week I was looking to May as being an ordinary month for me. No plans for travel. No plans for anything out of the ordinary. Then God did an extraordinary thing. During my prayer time this week I was seeking His leading on what I should be doing with my writing life and other issues. Later I checked my email and my good friend, Julie Dearyan, had posted on the ACFW loop that no one should miss attending the Colorado Christian Writers Conference because the event is awesome. No only is it a great conference for writers to learn about the craft and connect with editors and agents, but it's also a time of spirtual refreshment. I felt a little nudge inside my gut to check it out. So I started asking questions on the ACFW loop, and all I heard from one person after another was how it's an experience to not be ignored.

I also learned about a scholarship program for 1/2 off the price of registration. A good friend agreed to recommend me for the scholarship. At every turn everything was falling into place, including a round trip price from United for less than $150! Then I received an email from another ACFW member who was thinking about going. We agreed to be roommates. So far nothing had blocked my going. So I signed up, applied for a small writing clinic, and booked my flights. Then the possible roommate situation didn't work out. No problem. I decided if by the next day no one else came forth to answer my query on the ACFW loop for someone to room with, I'd ask the conference to match me and see what God intended. Funny thing, yesterday when I tried to download the lodging registration form so I could fax it from my church office I couldn't get it to download. In fact, it hung my entire computer up and I had to leave for an appointment. When I came back a couple hours later, I had an email from someone saying they'd decided at the last minute to attend the conference, and did I still need a roommate! Was the computer hangup just one of those things or was this divine intervention? You may think the former, but I prefer the latter explanation. God had been in it all along. Why would He stop then?

I am so jazzed. An excellent faculty, fantastic learning experience, agents to pitch, and four days in the moutains communing with God and His creation. Woo Hoo!! I leave May 16th.

God is good.


Winter said...


I'd join ya, but that's when hubby is home on leave. Man, all the good conference are at the wrong time. LOL!

Countin' down the days till we meet face to face--19 to go!

And if I don't tell you sooner, Happy Easter! He has Risen, He has Risen Indeed!

Pam Meyers said...

Hey, welcoming home your soldier is far more important than a writers conference. Those come around every year. Looking forward to your visit too!