Sunday, March 11, 2007

Board Meetings Are Definitely Not Boring

I'm back from the ACFW board meeting and exhausted! It was a fabulous time of hard work and good fun. The new members bonded so well with the ones still on the board. We cover the range of ages, come from different parts of the country, are at different places with our writing, but we're all of one mind. To make ACFW the best writing organization there is. We accomplished so much in making final decisions for the 2007 ACFW conference. This fall's conference is going to be the greatest one yet for ACFW!

I said in my last entry this would be my last spring meeting as secretary on the board, but after this productive weekend I am wondering if I should run again for secretary. So many positive things are happening for this wonderful organization and I really would like to be involved in helping make them happen with God's help. This is definately something I will have to pray about between now and when nominations open up in the fall.

My body is weary from meetings and talking, talking, and more talking. Not to mention the wonderful dinners out. As Rachael Ray says, Yum-O. Tomorrow it's back to normal and back to the synopsis. For now I think I'll just snooze here on the couch.

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