Monday, December 04, 2006

Snow Days or Snow Daze -- It Didn't Keep Me on Goal

You’ve probably heard about the wicked winter storm that marched across the United States last Thursday and Friday. Early Friday morning it hit the Chicago area. Happy to not have to be out driving to work on such a horrible morning, I looked forward to a cozy day in front of my computer writing! Some people have fire places and some have computers. Either way, this did not happen.

Oh, I got a bit of writing done but most of the day was taken up with other more demanding issues. Issues I knew were there, but never dreamed they would grow to such proportions. In the middle of that I had to dig my car out. My evening dinner plans were canceled but the wake for a friend's mom was not.

It wasn't just the snow day that got in my way, but all of last week. Too many balls to juggle and one had to go. The bright red one with the word "WIP" written all over it!

Today I start a new week with new determination to stay the course. I must finish this revsion of MFB this week. That’s my goal. Even as I say that, I’m still not happy with my characterizations. Do I show April’s deepest feelings for Marc enough? Her confusion and conflicting thoughts? It’s easier to show her side because the story is her POV. With the hero, Marc, all of his characterization has to be shown through his actions and words. No inner thoughts going on with this guy. THAT is hard. And in the midst of all this romantic angst there’s a mystery to solve.

Yikes, even as I am writing this, I received an email giving me another ACFW duty that requires immediate attention. Guess I’d better get cracking on my manuscript before the information I need for the other project comes in.

I’m posting more pictures below from our first winter snow. For those of you in warmer climes, eat your hearts out!

A nice neighbor came along shortly after this picture was taken and finished cleaning off my car for me. Note the shovel. That's part of my winter tools that stays in the back of the car along with a scraper and brush. If I didn't have the shovel the other day I'd have never gotten a trail made for my wheels. I'd already dug one for the left wheel when I stopped to snap the picture.

The snow is really beautiful when you don't have to drive in it! Cars along I-80 from just west of Chicago to the Iowa border were in gridlock for over 10 hours! All I had to do was drive a few blocks later in the day after the plows had been out. I won't complain!

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Ane Mulligan said...

When I see photos like that, I miss upstate NY. We lived north of Albany and got our fair share of snow, but had a ton of snow plows. Never missed a beat. :)