Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Book Signing IS Fun!

Did you really think I'd think otherwise?

Okay, the other day I said it felt weird to sign a book. At the time it did seem weird. But, like I also said, I’d get over it. And I did! I wish I’d remembered to take my camera with me to capture the moment.

I first signed a book I gave to my tutoring student. Yoshie is from Japan and is in the States for three years while her husband’s job is here. I’m helping her learn how to read English. I didn’t know how she would feel about my giving her something with my story in it, but she was very excited about it.

Next, were the two books the program supervisor wanted me to sign. She even had Post-It notes on them with the names of the people who would receive the books. I felt like a full-fledged author.

I wasn’t at a special table surrounded by copies of my book with a long line of expectant readers clutching a copy of their book for me to sign, but that didn’t matter. It was a moment of blessing in my day and that’s all that counts!

Now on to Part 2 of this Post!

Do you have kids on your Christmas list who love to read? Want to give them something that they will love to devour in the same genre as Harry Potter, but with a Christian message?

R.K. Mortenson has a great series out that fills the bill in every way with his Landon Snow books. His latest is the Christian Blog Alliance’s Blog Tour for the week.

R.K.Mortenson is an ordained minister with the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. He has been writing devotional and inspirational articles since 1995. He currently serves as a navy chaplain in Florida and lives with his wife, daughter and son in Jacksonville.

This page at Barbour's site provides a few good links, two as recent as last week: The top link there goes to a story about Randy's adoption experiences, the second link goes to the Landon Snow short at Clubhouse magazine.

Randy got the idea for this series one late night, when flute music woke him from a sound sleep. As he stood at his window, trying to locate the source of the sound, he spied a library across the lawn. Suddenly, he envisioned an eleven-year-old sneaking out of his bed and stealing to the library in the dead of night...And thus Landon Snow was born.


In the latest adventure of
Landon Snow And the Island of Arcanum, Landon, once again visits his grandparents in Button Up, Minnesota. If your familiar with the first two books, Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle, and Landon Snow and The Shadows of Malus Quidam, you'll know that Landon's adventures always start at the Library in Button Up.

This time, Landon's most dangerous journey yet, begins in a rowboat-shaped tombstone that floats. And it's lucky for him that it floats because a few drips from the library ceiling turns into a powerful waterfall.

The stone turns into wood. The stone book propped up in the prow of the boat turns to paper. The left page says "ANCHOR". The right page says "AWEIGH".

"Anchor aweigh?" said Landon.

Holly whispered, "Did you hear that?"

No one has time to respond, however. The next instant saw the water before them dropping away as the water behind them grew into a giant swell, pitching them headlong into the abyss.
Landon will have to protect his two younger sisters, Holly and Bridget, who wind up in the boat with him headed towards The Island of Arcanum. On the Island, the animals of Wonderwood are imprisoned and the evil shadows of Landon's nemesis, Malus Quidam lurk!

With the help of some old friends, a horse named Melech, an odd fellow named Hardy, a girl named Ditty, and the poet/prophet Vates--Landon seeks to unlock the island's dark secrets and escape with the animals intact.

But first, he must navigate his way through unchartered waters and battle the villainous Archans...Can Landon and his friends rescue the animals from deep within the island's stronghold?

To order the book: Click on this link to Amazon

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