Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lessons from Three Wise Men

Have you ever woke up out of a sound sleep and thought it was a different day than what it really was? It happened to me this morning, and it has to be the weirdest feeling.

My cat meowed in her usual bossy way about a dozen times, and I came out of a dream I can’t even remember. I looked at the clock and flew out of bed. I needed to be up for church and I hadn’t even prepared for interpreting. How had I forgotten I was to sign a song I hadn’t practiced yet? I hadn’t even reviewed the scripture reading. I raced into the bathroom, and then it hit me. Today is Saturday. Whew!

The reason I was so certain it was Sunday is because my church held the first of it’s three Christmas concerts last night. (click on the picture above to link to my church's website). Another woman and I interpreted the music in sign, and we usually do the interpreted concert on Saturday night. This year we didn’t. Funny how programmed we can become.

One of the songs I interpreted is a Point of Grace song called, “One King.” It’s a beautiful song about the three kings bringing the baby Jesus their gifts. Valuable gifts the world at that time saw as nearly priceless. The lyrics tell it all…one king held the frankincense, one king held the myrrh, one king held the purest gold, one King held the hope of the world.

Isn't that so true of our world today. We tend to put the hugest price on what the world sees as most valuable. We don’t see much frankincense and myrrh around these days, but we still hold gold at a high value. What else have we placed a high price on? Prestige, fame, work achievements, romantic relationships, success, acquisition of things, the size of our homes, and….I hate to say this, writing achievements. Another year is about to go by without that elusive fiction contract. Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, still stuck in the same rut I’ve been in for the past six or so years.

Yet, I remind myself, God is in control--always has been. I need to keep my focus on Him, on Jesus Christ. He holds the hope of the world in his hands. I’m not to stop working to hone my craft, pitch my stories, develop new ones that pop into my head, but I am to have the right priorities.

He who holds the hope of the world in His grasp has to be number one, above all else in my life. I keep to that frame of mind and I will always be a winner no matter what!

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Hi Neighbor! I live 2 hours SW of you!

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