Friday, July 07, 2006

Don't Miss the Unexpected!

What's that saying about the best laid plans? Well, my best laid plans for this week, other than the holiday on Tuesday, were to write, write, write. God seems to have been saying not, not, not. Each and every day I've been walloped with interruptions and other things that took precedent over the writing. Yet, in spite of this, God has blessed me with ideas for characterization and plot changes that will only make Murder for Breakfast better for pitching in September at the ACFW conference. Will these changes require more work? You bet. But in the end I will be able to present a better and more complete project.

That's what I find so awesome about God. At the most unexpected times He gives me an idea. For example, I spent last weekend at a family get together in Indiana. During a conversation with one of my cousins, I said it was time to fold my tent and go to bed. My cousin tossed me a curious look then nicely pointed out that I'd used the idiom in the wrong context. I cracked up once I realized if I were going to bed, the last thing I'd want to do is fold my tent. Then it hit me. Misquoting idioms, or using them in the wrong context would be a great way to add a little quirkiness to my heroine's aunt, whom I want to be a little off beat. The trick will be to not make her out to be a buffoon, but have her even laugh at herself when she does this. Much like I did. Hmmmm. Maybe Aunt Kitty is my alter-ego. I'll have to think on that one.

So it's off to drop in those idioms and make those plot changes. After all, the early worm gets the bird.


Michelle said...

I completely identify with you right now on the not, not, not. I guess my command is read, read, read. SO that's what I'm doing.

Julie Dearyan said...

I enjoyed reading through your posts today. I'm praying for your writing. It is so going to be out there.