Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Waiting Room Revisited

God has been talking to me a lot these days about commitment. I want Him to be in control of things, but have I fully given Him everything? Am I too quick to give everything to Him and then take it back? I just finished reading a Love Inspired Suspense story called Mistaken For the Mob by Ginny Aiken. It's a fun, fast-paced story where through a series of goofy events and a single-focused FBI agent, the heroine is mistakenly thought to be a hit lady for the mob. It's an entertaining read, but the thing that impressed me the most was how the heroine never lost sight of how she was always within the grasp of her Heavenly Father. There were times when for a while she'd try to take control, but always she was brought back to realizing what she had done and asking God to forgive her. That story ministered to me in a lot of ways.

Over the past eight or nine months my life has been filled with a lot of losses. Many of the things that either represented security to me or were precious to me have been taken away or altered. And it doesn't appear that this season of my life is yet over. Yet God has been teaching me about how I need to trust Him with everything, and that includes my writing. Most particularly my writing. As far as my stories go, I'm still in God's waiting room--the same one I wrote about here over a year ago. Back then I talked about the waiting room as a place to wait while the manuscript is out being considered. But now I realize it's more than that. It's what I do in between proposals to make me a better writer. I think this is even more important than being at the place where you are waiting for the all-important word for an editor who likes your work and actually wants to pay you for it. During this in-between time I need to listen for God's voice, listen to the wisdom of other writers in learning the craft, and apply what I learn. The bottom line is I need to commit it all to Him, each and every day.

Now to get back to the waiting room so I can get to work!

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