Saturday, June 17, 2006

Encouraging Nudges

This past week has had its share of difficulties, some of which I cannot go into here. What I can share is that my proposal for Murder for Breakfast was rejected. When I first read the words of the email I was devastated. I'd been pouring most of my writing time into this story--massaging it, reworking it, developing it more. The day I received the email, I'd already been sitting at the computer reworking the final chapters of the story for at least three hours. It felt like a fatal blow. I reacted by going to the shower and letting my tears mix with the water while I prayed.

Then I went back and reread the rejection note which was, by the way, very gracious. Unlike other rejection notes I've received, this one told me what pushed the story to the bottom of the pile where only two could be chosen. And, not only that, the door was left open for talking to the publisher about more projects. The editor is also open to reviewing MFB again after it's been retooled. **smile**.

So I wasn't given a fatal blow after all, or even a glancing blow. In fact, I look at it as an encouraging nudge. I now know something valuable to make this story zing from the first paragraph. And the door remains open. Someone once said to me that rejection is really redirection. How true that is.

I'll let it rest a couple days then get back on it again. Like I said in my last entry here, "When the time comes, God will allow my work to be published, but only in His time and not mine." And God is faithful.

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