Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

It's been a crazy week. But what week isn't these days? It's had its highs and lows.

What does the picture have to do with anything? Nothing except we almost had snow today. I think riding a horse in snow would be fun and I like the picture.

I've made good headway on my story revision. Not yet done, but moving ever so closer to the end. I'm within 5,000 words of my 90,000 word goal and I still have one more scene and one more chapter to add, as well as the ever deepening POV. I'm still aiming for December 1st.

As I write, fellow ACFW member and author, Kristy Dykes is recovering in a Florida hospital from brain surgery. Kristy went to the eye doctor just over a week ago for a routine eye exam only to discover she was losing peripheral vision in both eyes. An MRI confirmed she had a brain tumor. Over the past week or so Kristy has been chronicling her experience on her blog. In the midst of her trial she has been ministering to all of us who have been reading her words. The pathology report after surgery (which occurred Thursday) confirmed the cancer. Now that she is recovering from the surgery her husband and other family have been posting to her blog. This event has drawn Christians from all over the world into corporate prayer.

For a while it appeared I might be spending Thanksgiving alone. Being an only child, never married with no kids and my closest relatives scattered around the country, I've always spent Thanksgiving with friends. I had plans, but they fell through. Even the friend who has always told me I had a seat at her table if I had no other place to go is going out of town. A good friend from my Bible study heard what had happened and invited me to join her and her friends. She is from Japan and we'll be having both Japanese and American food. Sushi and Turkey. What a combination LOL. God is good. If I ended up spending the day alone, I wouldn't have liked it, but had already told myself it must be what God wants so I'll use the time to His glory. Then came the invite.

I am running again for the secretary position on the ACFW board. Elections just opened and will be open for two weeks since it is all done on line. I love what I do on the board and would be honored to be elected to the position for another term. Yet, I know God is the one in control, not me. I'm having to leave it at God's feet and patiently wait for the outcome on December 1st.Outside of asking my writing buds who belong to ACFW to remember to vote there is no campaigning. This isn't the presidential election. LOL. No debates, no campaign speeches. Just trusting God and waiting. Too bad political campaigns can't be the same. Imagine. No political ads every time you turn on the television or radio. No nasty barbs tossed around. No accusations. In our dreams.

Did you notice that I finally changed my picture here? It is one of the several great photos Jodie Westfall took of me in Dallas. I intend to redesign my website in the near future and will unveil more of the shots at that time. I'm seriously considering writing under a different last name, especially when I contract for my fiction. There are many ways to spell my last name which can be confusing. Not to mention there are quite a few Pam Meyers, some spelling with an "s" and some without the "s." The name I'll use is Pamela Andress. Andress is the maiden name of my maternal grandmother and it would be a way for me to perpetuate the family name as well as make my byline more unique. I'm still thinking about it but have already bought the domain names associated with the Andress name.

That's about all the random thoughts I have tonight. So I'll end by sharing a picture of one of my newest cousins. Mazie was born in May and she is one of the most photogentic, expressive babies I have ever seen. If I'm having a down day I go to her parents' blog and laugh at Mazie's latest pictures. Enjoy!

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