Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Beginning to Sound A Little Like Christmas

Well, I just had a first. I got my hair trimmed to Christmas music on November 2nd. Three weeks before Thanksgiving!

It seems around Chicago there's a race on the local radio stations to see who can start playing Christmas music first. One of the stations started yesterday. I couldn't believe it. It's a station my hairdresser normally has her radio set to and she said she keeps forgetting to change it.

And they weren't just playing a song every once in a while. It's every single song, all day long. She told me it's going to be that way 24/7 until Christmas Day.

I love Christmas. It's the day Christians celebrate Jesus' first coming to earth as baby. But even so, let's celebrate Thanksgiving first. Last year I asked in this blog whatever happened to Thanksgiving because Christmas has just about wiped that wonderful holiday off the minds of retailers and others who are out to cash in on Christmas. Whatever gives them the most bang for the buck, that's where their hearts are set.

We need to write some Thanksgiving songs. Then maybe at least the radio stations would hold off. What do you think?

Happy Holidays.

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