Saturday, May 12, 2007

You Know You're in a Time Crunch When...

1. You use a calendar picture depicting flying days on your blog when you used one only a few weeks ago.

2. You are writing in your blog for the first time in five days.

3. You miss the weekly CFBA blog tour.

4. You don't get everything done on your to do list to get ready for your trip.

5. The bookmark stays in the same place in the book you're reading.

6. The bathroom still needs cleaning.

7. You take a break from the work and go buy underwear and call it a good time.

8. You barely notice the weather outside and are surprised when you step outside to find it's either cool, warm, windy, muggy...choose one. Each day it was one of those.

9. You get carry-out two days in a row instead of eating from the fridge because you don't want to take time to cook.

10. Your blog topic is about being in a time crunch.

Well you get the picture! That pretty much describes my week. I mailed the manuscript on Monday and ever since then it's been like running on a hamster wheel. Unexpected ACFW projects came up that grabbed my free time. I did manage to get most of the condo cleaned. Today I have no choice. Got company coming so I must clean the bathroom LOL.

I can't believe I leave next Wednesday for Colorado. Sure hope I don't meet myself coming while I'm going and I miss the trip LOL. At least I haven't had time to fret over the manuscript. Who has time? Not me.

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