Monday, May 07, 2007

Manuscript is in the Mail!

Well, I did it . Today I packed up my nearly 250-page manuscript and sent it off to the editor. Then I took a mini vacation in Barnes and Noble where I spent about an hour musing amongst the books and wondering if my own book will ever be sitting on those shelves. If God wills it, it will happen.

I went through a panic after I handed the box over to the post office woman. Did I make sure all the pages were there? Did I check every page to make sure all the highlighted words were gone. (That's how I find repeated words, phrases, beats, etc.) I know I did all that yesterday as it was printing, but even so I asked myself if I'd overlooked something. I've always been something of a control freak, although I've mellowed in recent years. But, a situation like this is so huge. Until now this story was under my control. I could always change a word, add a line, take out a scene. But now it's over. There's nothing more for me to do until I hear from the editor. That's not exactly true. I will be pitching it to potential agents in Colorado, but until I hear from the editor I won't be sending it to any other publisher.

Time to move on and finish judging for the ACFW contest and most of all--clean my condo!! My little home has been neglected over the past couple months as I've focused almost entirely on this novel. Starting tomorrow instead of a keyboard under my fingers, I'll be hanging onto a dust rag! Then it's get ready for Colorado. I leave next week!

For the rest of today I think I'll relax a little by judging a contest entry. It never stops. :-)


Cara Putman said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Pam! That is fantastic. Way to send your baby into the world to fend for herself. Praying blessings on it!

Sally Bradley said...

Way to go, Pam! It's scary but so exciting! I hope it finds a home.

Winter said...

I'll be joining you here in a few days. I'm sending my baby off too!

Good luck, Pam!

Pam Meyers said...

And I wish you God's blessings on your manuscript Winter! As I always say, if He wills it, it will happen. From what I read of your first page I can say you've got a winner!