Monday, April 16, 2007

Writing Schedules - What to Do???

Last week I set a deadline to be done with tweaking the full manuscript for MFB and have it completely sent to my crit partners by the end of the week. The bad news is that it didn't happen, but the good news is that I'm only 40 pages from the end. The bad news is that tomorrow I won't have any time at all to work on the manuscript because I'm doing the election judge thing again. The good news is that I'll have Wednesday and Thursday ALL DAY to do the work. The bad news is that I won't have much time on Friday, but the good news about Friday is that my good friend Winnie is coming and the Chicago Northwest ACFW Chapter is hosting a booksigning with Maureen Lang whom I talked about here a short time ago, Judith Miller and Cyndy Salzman.

So that's my week. Now I wonder what will come along to change all of that. Seems that happens a lot!


Anonymous said...

Deadlines schmedlines. ; )

Hope you and Winnie have a blast this weekend! You should, with that line-up for the signing. Try to get that Cyndy character to behave.

Pam Meyers said...

Ha, thanks Donna! Now if I can just recover from my 16 hour work day I had yesterday in time for Winnie. Between talking writing and rodeo I don't know if we'll get much sleep!

Winter said...

Whew! Bring on the cofffee, we're going to need it after the late night we're going to have. I can't believe there's a day and a half left before I come out.

I hope you got a lot of your work done. If it's possible, I'm bringing my WIP with me--well, the long handed version of it anyway.

I finished Deb's book and decided to go with a contest! I posted a review on my blog.

See ya on Friday!