Monday, April 23, 2007

ACFW Chapter Book Signing and Meeting Was Incredible!

I guess "awesome" is an overly used cliche these days, but I can't think of another way to describe Friday evening. Cyndy Salzman and Judith Miller (seated in same order in photo at right)
joined our own local author Maureen Lang at the Arlington Heights Barnes and Noble store for a book signing. (That's Judy and Maureen talking with a customer in the photo at left).
We followed that with our monthly ACFW chapter meeting. Because of the book signing we attracted several new people. Two who came from having been in the store (one a store employee and the other a customer) and two who came with current members. One already has joined ACFW!

The store was wonderful to the authors. The three women and their books were at tables just inside the main entrance, and a store employee stood there directing them to the tables. Quite a few books were sold. And, I learned something to tuck away to when I am honored to hold my own book signing. You never sit at a signing. You always stand. Note to self: "wear comfortable shoes!."

I'm going to stop talking about it and post more photos of the event!

Here's some of the ACFW Chapter including our author guests. That's Winter Peck in the back row left wearing red. My lovely house guest and ACFW member from two hours away. The woman in red back row right is a guest named Katie. She just happened into the store, stayed for the meeting, and is now considering joining ACFW :-)

Here's Winter and me (always the short one!)

One more of the group. Great way to start a weekend!

Don't forget to scroll down to my review of Annette Smith's "A Bigger Life" and make a comment. You can win this wonderful book for yourself. Drawing is this coming Friday!


Sally Bradley said...

That was so much fun. I live for those monthly meetings!

Ane Mulligan said...

I LOVED A Bigger Life. Great book!! I was so impressed at her ability to write from a guy's perspective and make it so believable! I kept looking back at the author's name to be sure I hadn't gotten it wrong! LOL You can read my review of it at:

Erin said...

Pam - I'm so glad that you all had such positive things to say about the signing. I had a great time working with the ladies.
I can't wait for my first "official" ACFW meeting!