Sunday, November 26, 2006

Signing a Book Feels Weird, But I'll Get Over It!

I’ve been to book signings where I’ve met Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind Series and Sue Grafton, writer of the popular alphabet mystery series on another occasion. Over the years, many ACFW authors have become friends, and I get excited at every conference to have them sign their books for me. The picture here is of Kristin Billerbeck signing her book at the 2005 ACFW conference in Nashville.

Since His Forever came out last month, I’ve purchased a number of copies to give to friends. I gave one to a friend a few weeks ago and thought about signing it for him, but I didn’t. It felt weird to me.

Last week at my volunteer tutoring, the director of the program said she was going to order a couple copies of His Forever to give as presents and said to me, “Have your pen ready for a book signing.” I just laughed. But, I suppose Tuesday morning when we have tutoring again, she’ll have the books there for me to sign. It feels weird to me.

I intend to give copies of the book as Christmas gifts, and I’m thinking maybe I should sign them. But, what do I sign besides my name? Some authors include a Bible verse. Others use a catchy little saying. I’d better hurry and think of something. It’ll be Tuesday before I know it.

Signing a book will be fun, but it still seems weird to me. I’ll let you know how weird it really feels.

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Tina said...

Wonderful. Congrats! Be sure to enjoy it. How wonderful to have your writing reach others!

I have been trying to email you Pam, but your email isn't working for me. Mine is

I have a free book for you because you posted your rejection on my site! ;)
Tina F.