Friday, September 08, 2006

13 Days and Counting

Thirteen days and counting. That's how many days left until the ACFW national conference begins, and I feel so behind on things!

This time my pitches need to be on target because I'm not only shopping my stories, but also shopping me. I need to find an agent and, God willing, the ACFW conference will point me toward doing that.

Since getting back on Monday afternoon from the three-day weekend, I've been bogged down with other responsibilities, including ACFW board stuff. Every day I've determined I would start working on Shiloh. Didn't happen until yesterday.

Okay, I have to admit the fault is partially mine. I've found myself easily drawn to doing something other than pulling out a story I haven't looked at in a year and a half. What's with that? As much as I'm excited about the new ideas for punching this story up a notch or two, I dread the process. It means getting reacquainted with the characters, thinking once more about the plot, trying to decide what stays and goes. I find it much easier to write a brand new story from scratch. But this is a story that won't let me go.

My story has a new name, and I've already jotted down new plot points. All I need to do is put rubber to the road as the saying goes.

Today is the day...but wait! This morning is booked. This afternoon is the afternoon. I'll let you know what happens.

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