Saturday, September 09, 2006

God's Money Well Spent

Is it really 12 days and counting? Did I get to the writing yesterday afternoon like I planned? The answers are yes and no. Yeah, you read that right. But wait! I have a good excuse.

For the past number of months my laptop (my only computer) has been giving me fits. One fit, as you may recall, was my own fault when I spilled Diet Coke on the keyboard. Yeah, that'll really muck up the works. I paid Dell to replace the keyboard and motherboard. All seemed well for a while, but then soon after the 90-day warranty on the work was over (of course) it started doing really quirky things.

Quirk #1: The cursor would jump up to the next paragraph or two right in the middle of my typing. I'd have to stop and delete what I'd just typed then move the cursor down to the where it should be. This got so bad I stopped using the keyboard altogether and went to the axillary keyboard which plugged into the USB port.

Quirk #2: When I put the computer to "sleep" or on standby I couldn't wake it up. I don't usually turn off the computer completely at the end of the day, instead putting it on standby by closing the lid. One day, I couldn't get it to wake up and ended up having to hit the on and off button and starting it up again. I tried all sorts of things like going to shutdown and clicking on standby. That seemed to work for a while, but lately that didn't even work. I was afraid one day I wouldn't be able to wake it up at all.

So yesterday after much prayer, I decided to look into an HP laptop on sale at Office Depot. The special price included a combination printer/scanner/copier, a wireless mouse, an extra battery, and a few more bells and whistles than I'm used to, like a built-in web cam.

View from my Web Cam

All for less than I would have spent on a less souped-up laptop elsewhere! Even at the good price, I hate spending the money. After all, it's God's money--not mine. I prayed very hard about this and I know I'll recoup some of the cost through rebates and tax deductions, even so it's harder than ever to part with my money when I'm on retirement status.

So the quirks are gone, only to be replaced by new ones. I can't get the file transfer program to work right between the two computers. I finally gave up late last night and went to bed. Today is another day.

So, you know what's coming next, don't you? I gotta get busy and get to that writing so I can sell something! Make this new laptop pay for itself! Haven't heard of getting paid for blogs, so I'm off to you know where!

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