Thursday, February 16, 2006

Procrastination??? Not Me!

Here it is...a cold Thursday morning in February. Outside the weather is rather frightful. Could be worse for Chicago. A forecast of a mix of snow and freezing rain. A perfect day to write and yet I haven't yet gotten to it. Yesterday I started the first chapter of Murder For Breakfast. I've spent the last month or more fleshing out my story...adding the red herrings...researching the crime. The publisher I'm targeting wants cozies. No blood and guts, keep it "light-hearted," and that, I'm discovering, is not easy when you are dealing with murder. I love reading mysteries, but I'm learning that plotting one out and writing it is another whole thing. And, I'm also doing this in first person. Easy to do I thought. Not! Yesterday I started the first chapter and then after a couple hours of writing trashed the whole thing and started over. This time I think I've gotten it right, but it's far from ready for submission. After all, it's only a first draft. And before I ask my agent to send it off, it will go through the scrutiny of my crit partners and friends who do nothing but read stories.

The best thing I can do right now is pray before I put another word on this computer. God has given me this love of writing and the skill to do it. Without Him as my co-writer I am nothing. Like Paul said a clanging gong. So I'm off to pray...and then to write.

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