Friday, March 03, 2006

Keyboards, Diet Coke, and God

As a writer I have come to depend on my computer almost as much as I depend on the air I breathe. Without it I have no means to submit my work electronically either to editors or my critique partners who live in various parts of the country. And, I am also out of immediate touch with the board of ACFW of which I'm a member. You'd think I would be so aware of this each and every day, but as with most things I've come to take the computer and my Internet connection for granted.
Yesterday was a good day for writing. I spent the entire day working on plotting and just as I got to the the last couple plot points, I got thirsty and opened a can of Diet Coke. With my laptop on the coffee table in front of me, I leaned forward to read an email. As I read I took a swig of pop and several drops dribbled down my chin and onto the laptop keyboard. I don't need to explain what moisture does to electronics. The keyboard went nuts. I am now typing on an auxilary keyboard which is plugged into the USB port. Now I face a situation where if I take the machine in for repair I'm without contact with the outside world and have no computer to use for writing. Do I continue using the "extra" keyboard and live with it, thankful to God I at least have that? Money in this new retirement phase of my life is scrutinized deeply before I spend it. I have come to depend on God so much for so many things in my life. More today than ever before.
Isn't that what He wants of all of us?

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