Friday, November 16, 2012

The Voice Bible - A Fresh Translation

I'm a self-described Bible addict when it comes to acquiring new translations. When Thomas Nelson alerted me to their new translation titled The Voice Bible, I looked at a sample and immediately became intrigued enough to agree to sample it for myself and review it.

The first thing I noticed right away was the different formatting. In some parts where dialogue occurs, it is formatted like a play, while in other parts, it is laid out similar to most other Bibles. I did not have difficulty adjusting to this unique format.

I can be a stickler for translation, preferring it to be as close to the original Hebrew or Greek. If a translation is too paraphrased I become uncomfortable, but I also want one that is easy to read and understand. I love the poetic feel of the King James version, but I do not care for that version for everyday reading. In the Voice Bible, I like that when they do insert a word here and there to help clarify the translation from Hebrew or Greek to English, the added words are in italics, alerting the reader that the words were added.

After I used The Voice Bible for several days alongside my favorite translation, the ESV (English Standard Version), I became so intrigued by the New Testament that I wanted to see how the Old Testament read, and I purchased a hard cover version of the complete Voice Bible! Since then, it has been a very enlightening and useful resource to use alongside the ESV.

Another helpful resource is a blog that the editors use to discuss the reasons for their choice of certain words or phrases and other thought processes that led to the publication. In fact, there is a whole website just for the Voice Bible that is there as a resource. But rather than just describe this version in words I'm going to do what we authors are encouraged to do all the time with our writing, not tell, but show. This video's entire script is word for word from The Voice translation of the well-known parable about the Sower and the Seed.

You can get The Voice Bible in ebook format, paperback or hard cover.

As stated below, I received a complementary copy of The Voice Bible in ebook format for review purposes only. I purchased my own copy of the entire Voice Bible. All opinions are my own and not anyone else's.


Michael Ehret said...

Pam, I love this translation! For my regular reading there is nothing better, as far as I'm concerned. Would LOVE to have it in an e- and an audio format. But first need the e-reader!

Pamela S. Meyers said...

I could use it for my one and only translation, but I like using more than one version most times. This is definitely a winner. Loved the video they sent that I posted here.