Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thyme for Love is Available at Amazon!

This Monday is the official release date of my debut novel Thyme for Love and as of right now it's available for immediate purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Amazon states that the book will be available in 5-7 weeks and this is erroneous information. My publisher OakTara is working with Amazon to get this corrected, but it is taking some time.

I just don't want anyone being misled if you choose to purchase the book at Amazon. They do have it in stock right now!

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Jeff Reynolds/Becky Reynolds said...

Thanks for your information!

And talk about frustration! I'm trying to add your book via your site for a contest on Amazon, and lo and behold I get linked to Amazon! I guess I'll add your book the old fashioned way and find another book for the contest! (As if I'd win anyways!)

Jeff Reynolds