Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Newly Traveled Road Between Contract and Book Launch

I've often heard that once a book is contracted is when the real work begins, but until I started living it, I couldn't fully fathom the meaning.

I wrote here a few weeks ago about how I suddenly found myself sitting at my desk in front of the computer from early morning until supper time most days. I hadn't done that much intense work in a 7-8 hour stretch since I left my "day job" back in '05. Oh, I've spent many a day writing for long stretches, but even then there wasn't any pressure--no deadlines to meet, no window of time in which to get everything done before the book releases.

If I felt like reading a book instead of writing that day ... or maybe

.....taking a nap ...

... I felt like I could. But, now things are different. I've moved into my new home office now, lock, stock and barrel. Or should I say computer, desk and file cabinet. And this is my new normal!

In two weeks and two days, Thyme for Love releases, and three weeks from today I will host my book launch party! My books are ordered for the celebration, as are refreshments, but there is still much more to do before then.

I never knew this could be so much fun!

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