Friday, May 02, 2008

Whadda Week!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where for every step forward you take two steps back? That describes my week very nicely thank you!

It began with having to deal with something I've been struggling with for a long while--controlling the tongue. Someone pointed out to me that I'd said something to them that cut deep and hurt much. The comment was said in jest, but wasn't taken that way at all. I felt horrible for hurting my friend and apologized. All is well between us, praise God, but that still leaves me with a tongue that doesn't seem to know when to be quiet. A few weeks ago a similar incident happened when I rambled on about something without taking into account I didn't know my listeners all that well and what I was saying could possibly be hurtful. Turned out that what I was talking about did have a personal connection to one person. She seemed okay and understood where I was coming from, but that didn't take away from the fact that I need to keep my mouth shut. I needed to take extended time to pray about it and work through the pain. In spite of the value of learning this lesson, it took me away from my "game plan," and I didn't get to my story until late in day on Monday. Even so, I did manage to get in about three hours of work.

Tuesday nothing got done. I had my ESL tutoring in the morning, an appointment with one of the pastors at my church to discuss the small group that I lead, and Bible study that evening. In the afternoon one of the women in my Bible study had to suddenly admit her mom to the hospital. Since the study was to be at her house, I had to get a hold of everyone and have them come to my place.

Wednesday I sat down to finally work on the WIP and realized that everything I had done on Monday somehow had never been saved to my hard drive! I spent the better part of the day redoing everything I had done on Monday.

Yesterday I finally made a small step forward, but had to stop for other things, including visiting my friend's mom in the hospital. I've been spending most of my morning quiet times in James, and God is showing me that I need to put the needs of others ahead of my own way more than I do. Faith without works is dead faith.

This story will be completed in God's time. What's more important is what God is teaching me about who I am. A woman who needs to ask God each day to put a guard on my mouth as is stated in Psalm 141. A woman who looks to the interests of others above her own (Phillipians 2:4) and a woman whose heart fully belongs to God.

Priorities have needed to be reordered and that is what I am doing!

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