Thursday, May 08, 2008

God is in Control

A number of months ago I posted about a writer friend, Kristy Dykes, who has terminal brain cancer. When she was diagnosed in November the doctors gave her about three to six months to live with their estimate closer to three months.

Her church family, many in ACFW, and her immediate and extended family rallied around her, praying in earnest. Although God so far has not chosen to heal her, He has answered prayer in so many ways. Ever since November Kristy and her husband, Milton, have maintained a blog that records Kristy's journey on an almost daily basis. You can read their amazing words for yourself by clicking here.

She prayed for God to extend her life and He has. Maybe not in years, but certainly in months. And not only has He provided additional months of living for her, He's provided quality of life. She's been able to attend church a number of times, go out to restaurants with friends, and just a couple weeks ago, she and her husband had a weekend getaway at Amelia Island where they live in Florida! Every time they've posted a photo of her, people marvel at how healthy she appears. She's never waivered in her faith in God, nor stopped praising Him in spite of her suffering.

I have been so touched by the transparency this couple has shown in expressing their feelings, their love, and their faith.

This past week Kristy weakened and had to be taken to a hospice center for a few daysto get stabilized. She's now returned home, and unless the Lord intervenes and heals her, it would appear that she will soon be ushered into heaven where she will be with Jesus. Even now she carries a gorgeous smile on her face in spite of sadness to leave her husband, daughters and grandkids. She knows that this life is ever so temporary, and she will live for eternity with the Lord.

Kristy touched many lives with her books, but in the past six months she has touched lives way beyond people who enjoy reading sweet romances. She's touched the world, and God has been honored and glorified every minute. I urge you to go to her blog and read this amazing woman's story. If I can be used by God even half as much as He has used Kristy, I would be satisfied.

God bless you, Kristy, as you continue your journey into eternity.

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