Monday, February 25, 2008

Take Time to Smell the Flowers

I intended to post a book review today, but plans changed.

Sandi, a woman I've known for a very long time, called this afternoon to tell me her husband died of a sudden heart attack yesterday. I'm still sitting here in shock. Without warning, not a day of sickness. She kissed him goodbye and left the house. A half-hour later a call came saying she needed to go home right away. Within minutes he was gone.

They'd married while they were in their forties. About five or six years ago he retired from teaching and they enjoyed life together, traveling, spending time in their vacation trailer in northern Wisconsin, and cocooning at home.

Sandi's faith in God is strong, and He'll supply her with needed strength right now and will in the days ahead, I'm sure. Even so, this shocking event gives me pause. I firmly believe that every day of my life is written in God's book even before they have happened, just as it states in Psalm 139. But I have to ask if I am doing all that I am supposed to do while I still have my earthly life.

I spend so much time pouring my heart and soul into my writing, but am I doing it at the expense of other things God may want me to do? Am I so single-minded in focus that I'm ignoring other parts of life that God intends for me to be involved in? To enjoy?

Maybe even stop to smell the flowers that He created.

Right now it's snowing outside for the umpteenth time this winter, and it's easy to complain. Yet how often do I stop and consider how each and every snowflake is a unique design, not two alike. How awesome! Only God could make something like that happen. Not only that, He created all the stars and knows them by name. And only He could hang the moon.

Time for me to sign off. I've got some snowflakes to see.


Winter said...

Back home from surgery, and just got to read this.

I think as writers, Pam, we are showing others exactly how and what we feel for God. In our prose we find the words others can't.

I know your life story, and mine is riddled with tribulations and trials, so I know we both have a deep appreciation for all He gives us.

Not only are you pouring your heart and soul into your writing, your pouring God's. Don't forget that.

Pam Meyers said...

Thanks, Winter. This morning I woke up to a fairyland of white. Snow overnight came with a promise from God that great is His faithfulness. Morning by morning new mercies I see. I am where he wants me at this moment, during this season.

Pamela J said...

I am sorry for your friend's loss. Death never comes easy to those left behind, even if it was expected. I'm thankful for Sandi that her faith in God is strong.

We have had some wintertime complainers, more so since the cold season is lingering before the spring dawns. I've loved the winter this year above others. Don't know why my attitude changed this particular year, I usually have a hard time with the cold. We have gotten much more snow this year than we have had since 1992. It has certainly been beautiful.

Thanks for reminding me that no single snowflake is like any other. We all need reminded of His greatness at times. I'm amazed that only He could name each star (some of them we have not even seen yet), hang the moon (where's the nail or string? He doesn't need one), and even count each grain of sand by the sea (how high would that number be?).

Now I feel insignificant, as I should, reflecting on His greatness.

Pam W