Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Gone -- So Why Can't I Get Going?

Yesterday I completed proofing my manuscript, tweaked the proposal, and typed a cover email letter. Then I hit "send" and the package whooshed off into cyberspace to the agent's in-box.

A weight has been lifted. And I'm free! Free to do other things that have been on hold like finish organizing my storage, work on ACFW projects, and write an article that's been requested.

Why is it so hard to get going?

I just sat down here to write the article which has already been outlined, yet I found myself going to the Internet to nose around, and then I decided to post to my blog.

It's a perfect day to write. Only five degrees outside and I'm here toasty warm, still in my jammies, cup of coffee by my side. Maybe I should take a day's break and just chill. Figuratively. It's too cold out to want to really chill. LOL. But there's so much that needs being done.

It's going to be a while before I hear anything about my manuscript so I need to start working on the next story. And just the other day someone pointed me to a newspaper article I'd enjoy. That sparked excitement in me when I realized what a great storyline I could develop from what I read. Then there's all the article ideas I came up with a couple weeks ago.

I'd better say have a nice weekend and close this post. I've got some serious writing to do


Pamela J said...

I can completely understand how you feel. Perhaps we have all experienced it and asked the same question you are: "Why is it so hard to get going?" My thought is that you have pushed and pushed to meet your goal... The weight was pretty heavy and with needing push from behind, it seemed like you'd never reach the top of the hill, the end of the race, the last word in the proofing. Now since you are on the other side of the top of that hill, you are floating, floating, and it feels so good for the weight to not be so heavy and nor have to push so hard. You ever seen a vehicle that was trying to get up a steep hill and can't seem to make it with one lurch? The wheels spin and sometimes burn rubber trying to get done. Take some weight off that same vehicle: perhaps three of the four bodies that was within, and WOW! That contraption just purrs right up the incline without missing a beat. You ever try to pin a feather down when it is floating? Hard to catch in the first place because it has no weight. I think you are still moving but with the burden gone you have the freedom to chug instead of grind. Happy easier day.

Pam Meyers said...

Thanks for the good words, Pam. That's a good analogy. Actually, since I wrote this post this morning, I did get myself going and got the first draft of my article written. I knew once I got going, it would flow and it did. :-)