Friday, January 11, 2008

Hitting the Ground Running

I didn't mean to ignore this blog for so long, but life got in the way. For the past several weeks life kind of chugged along at a nice pace. I stopped setting the alarm to wake up extra early (after all, it was Christmas break!), my story was just about ready to submit after a few read-throughs by volunteer readers, and I was leisurely moving through a good first-of-the-year project--organizing my closets and storage.

Then last Monday arrived

And it all blew up.

I've been on the treadmill of life with the machine set on "sprint" all week long.

I've attended two on-line meetings in chat rooms for ACFW, sat through a half-day of training to be an election judge on February 5th, attended a seminar on how to develop a marketing campaign using Constant Contact, attended my Beth Moore Bible study at my church, and after receiving very sage and constructive advice from one of my readers, went back to the "drawing board" for the umpteenth time to make some adjustments to the story. Not huge adjustments, but they are requiring me to read through it page by page once more.

The storage organization has ground to a halt for now and my condo looks like it. But for now I have no choice. Not only do I have the story to go through, but I have ACFW projects heating up in relation to our conference coming up in September.

Also, writing related is my determination in 2008 to refocus on non-fiction in the form of articles and devotionals. I've already queried about one story idea and have been invited to submit the article. An article not yet written. I decided to set aside every Friday to work on non-fic (except not today LOL). The old adage "story is king" can also be applied to prioritizing. For now my story is king and it trumps article. I need to get this baby finished ASAP and out the door.

Today my calendar is clear of outside schedules and my little laptop and me are going to be attached at the hip. God willing, except for an errand midday I'll be right here and not sleeping like the kitten in the picture. That's really what I'd prefer.

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