Friday, June 22, 2007

Manuscript Interrupted or Sushi Anyone?

Wednesday night I visited my Japanese friend, Yoshie, and her family. I'm helping Yoshie learn English through a tutoring program. Her mom and several friends are in the States for a visit and they all want to speak as much English as they can while they're here. Thankfully, she had a couple other Americans there so I wasn't the only non-Japanese speaker. I'm always impressed at how so many people in other countries know English at least enough to get by.

That evening I had my first encounter with sushi. I'll try most anything once so I gave it a shot and now know it's an acquired taste. I tried two different kinds then decided I preferred something else. LOL I always thought sushi came in little circles sliced from something like a jelly roll. Boy was I wrong! I had to build my own on a little square wrapper. I shied away from the wasabi sauce which may just be the ingredient that makes everyone like sushi. But all I kept hearing was hot, hot, hot. Best thing on the serving table??? Grilled steak and ribs. :-)

As for the manuscript rework, I'm making progress! I'm up to about Chapter 12, but just got some great editing back from my crit partner and I'm incorporating her ideas into the chapters her notes cover. I'll finish those up today and send her another three or four chapters. Will I make my goal of July 1st? The jury is still out.

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