Saturday, January 27, 2007

ACFW Chapters are a Blessing!

I just love my local ACFW chapter. Last night was our first meeting as an official chapter which we're calling Chicago-Northwest. Right now we’re still small, but I’m guessing we will grow over the months ahead.

Last night Allie Pleiter spoke to us about how to deal with our lives once we are published. Something I can’t apply right now, but I took a lot of notes for the future.

But what I really enjoy is the connecting and encouraging that always happens. Last night I went there trying to decide if I should pay an editor to read through my manuscript and give me feedback. Doing this is a very expensive proposition. I honestly feel really good about my story now, but so many times I've felt comfortable with a story only to find out it wasn't as good as I thought. Even so, this is something I have to weigh carefully since I’m on a tight budget. I’ve been praying for wisdom.

Last night I was encouraged by people to query my story to a couple agents and see what happens. It’s something I’ve been needing to do, but haven’t done because I’m afraid. I’m more afraid of being rejected by agents than I am publishers. Now, isn’t that a hoot? Yet, to get my story in the door at most publishers I need an agent!

I’ve taken my friends' words to heart and am really praying about it. I have at least three agents I can query, and maybe that’s the route to go.

As I said, I love my ACFW chapter. Last spring I sold a magazine article by connecting with someone there. Who knows, maybe this time I’ll connect with an agent I’d never have had the courage to query if I hadn’t been encouraged last night? I can’t know unless I try!

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